The Cru was something I’ve wanted to see in the cannabis industry for a long time. Truly dedicated from the first bolt of production to the last ‘thank you’ from the hotel... I’ve never been to a cannabis event like it in my 8 years in the business. I will be back for the next one for sure... and I’ll be sure to bring some new people to enjoy the most comprehensive and involving cannabis event in the world.
— John Hunt, Founder, Grimey Gatsby
It was at this event that I was offered my current job position. I was eager, hungry for a challenge and full of ideas. Cannabis Grand Cru was a place for me to share those ideas and ultimately it landed me my dream job.
— DAMSEL, Manager at Green and Healthy Wellness
This boutique experience was extremely beneficial to all who attended as we could truly interact and connect with each other on the many issues and endeavors we all share. We look forward to the next event!
— AC Braddock, CEO of Eden Labs
What I like about The Cannabis Grand Cru is that the pressure of competition is eliminated and the stage is set for learning and sharing. The main focus of the event is to educate without the intimidating edge of corporate business. All of the speakers and presenters are industry people with knowledge to share.
— Addison DeMoura, Co-Founder of Steephill Labs & Bedder Investment and Consulting